2012 Donation Honor Roll

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who's made a contribution to my fundraising efforts. I'm just as humbled and honored as I was from my very first donation last year. It's so hard for me to be away from my family and my friends and my loved ones, but knowing you're still there for me and still cherishing your memories of Mom and Grandma Nancy mean the world. Much love.

Bobbi Aschwanden-Thomas

Elizabeth Baddeley

Kurt Becker

Jennifer Bjelich

Brock Boatman

Jason Connolly

Beth & Shane Coughlin

Susie Fagan

Pritha Hariharan

Lynette & Terry Harlow

Elizabeth Hodges (Me)

Mike Hodges (Dad)

Christine Kucks

Nick Lang

Rachel Lee

Bhushan Madan

Megan Moriarty

Eileen & Gary Thoni

Lora Vaccaro

Eladio & Myra Valdez

Drake & Patty Vidrine

Judy Walker

Alex & Kim Weinberger

Diane & Ron Wells

Alex Wong

updated 12.18.2012

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