Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello In There

Today I took a personal day and Dad and I went to move Mom to a smaller place where they'll be able to take better care of her. I'm glad he was there when I saw her - I knew she'd fallen nine times in six weeks and NO one was stopping it (the reason we moved her) but I still wasn't prepared to see her beautiful face all beaten up like that. She didn't wake up when we moved her, during the car ride to the new place, or the entire time we were there. After I had her clothes situated, while Dad was filling out paperwork, I just sat with her, watched her sleep, and listened to it rain. Guess nature was sympathetic.

This song - by John Prine, a childhood staple riding in Dad's car - always used to make Mom cry, thinking of Great Pada in the nursing home in Lawrence. Now it makes me cry, thinking about Mom. I hope she wasn't alone and scared when she woke up.

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